Ring Arctic Fluff, Red


Handmade finger ring of stainless steel and sustainable greenlandic sealskin. Adjustable size

Arctic is my line of handmade jewellery made from the most beautiful Greenlandic sealskin sourced from traditional Greenlandic seal hunting.

The sale of the skins supports the Greenlandic hunting culture and the product has been marked sustainable by the EU, WWF, and Greenpeace.

The jewellery has a simple, clean Nordic design and are made in sustainable Greenlandic sealskin. The skins are tanned and sometimes dyed at the tannery in southern Greenland. Discoloured hides are usually the ones being dyed as they become usable, meaning that fewer skins are discarded due to imperfections.

In my jewellery I always use the hides that are unsuited for making clothing. By doing this I prevent waste and encapsulate thereby the Greenlandic culture which is centred around a deep respect of the nature in and off which they live.